Items You Must Have For Army Boot Camp

Although, your recruiter has given you a packing list that tells you what items to bring to basic training. In this article, I'll explain further on those items you must have with you to boot camp in order to have a smooth transition from civil to Army life much easier.


  • Pants and shirts. It is advised that you just wear the clothes on your back because you will be issued uniforms on your first day upon arrival. Most likely you will arrive late and have less than a few hours to rest before they start in processing sessions into reception.
  • Footwear. Again, just wear the same casual tennis shoes with you and bring one pair of shower flip-flops.


  • A picture id. You will only need one of these items: A valid driver's license or a current state identification card and / or green card.
  • A social security card.
  • A direct deposit form. You will need your bank checking account and routing number. It is highly recommended that you have this information readily available and is in good standing.
  • Legal documents such as birth certificate, marriage license, high school diploma, college transcripts, GED, divorce decree and copies of your children birth certificate if under 18.


Two combination locks will be sufficient enough. You will have a wall locker to lock your valuables up. There is no place to secure valuables other than the lockers you will be provided. You must provide your own lock to secure your personal belongings. It is advisable to buy a combo lock that will fit a wide variety of locker types. Larger sturdier locks will not fit.


You will smell bad in the first couple of hours after arriving to basic training and you will need to bring your own personal hygiene products. It is advisable that you bring a small travel-sized kit that is acceptable with airline policy.


A Cell Phone. You can bring your phone with you but it will be taken and safely stored by the drill sergeants until you earn the privilege to use them again.


  • You will need to bring $ 10, but not more than $ 50 dollars in cash.
  • Debit Card. Nothing is free so you have to use plastic to pay for personal hygiene and also to withdraw funds out of the ATM machines.

It is not necessary to buy everything on the list. Your bag will be heavy and you'll regret it once you actually get to your company. You will be given the opportunity to go to the store store to get the things you need so do not over load your backpack.

Source by Gregory Warren